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Events Day Shopping – Key Growth for E- retailer

New Year is just to come after one and half months from now, but the pandemic is still at its momentum. Now, people are adopting how to live in these pandemic scenario. So, they believe online marketing is safe and secure.

As per National retail Federation, online sale and digital promotion are key growth success for e-retailer. Retailers are coming up with new strategies to attract consumers to increase sales such as free shipping, assurance of hygienic product and discount, social media promotion, Email marketing, Digital purchase options, Checkout Optimization.

Moreover, retailers have come up with events day sale such Amazon prime day, Single’ day, Cyber day, Black Friday and many more to attract consumer.

We have study the Events Day shopping by e-retailers and their strategy to attract the customer. Also, how it is a better marketplace for new retailer to sale their product online.

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Events Day Shopping – Key Growth for E-
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